My Approach

To Assessment
I place a high value on ensuring that we are approaching the problems you face using the most
effective treatments available to alleviate symptoms. To that end, a good assessment is
essential to understanding the problem fully and agreeing on a course of treatment. Our first
session will be two hours long to give us plenty of time to talk through all of the problems you
have been experiencing and everything you have tried so far. By the end of the first session I
should be able to give you concrete feedback about the nature of the problem and a basic
treatment plan.

To Anxiety Disorders
I use a cognitive behavioral approach to therapy and am trained and experienced
in specific treatments that have been scientifically validated as effective in
alleviating the symptoms of the anxiety disorders in my areas of specialty
including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Phobias, and
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. I am committed to delivering the most effective
treatments in a way that incorporates compassion, connection and playfulness and
respects the unique experiences and needs of individual clients.

To Parenting
My approach to parenting is based on the two stage model of parent training originally
developed by Constance Hanf, PhD, and subsequently researched and scientifically validated by
multiple research teams over the last 40 years. I offer 6 week parenting groups for parents
looking for help managing the common concerns that come up with young children including
non-compliance and disruptive behaviors. Additionally, I regularly incorporate parenting
interventions into the work that I do in order to support parents, increase their involvement
in treatment and empower them to manage the difficult behaviors that often come up when
children are struggling with anxiety disorders